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Glint Facet of Nature clarification

Dark Viper.2378

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I think I might be a little confused on how it works. I know when its up, it extends boon couple of seconds per tick, and usinf true nature gives +20% boon duration over the cap. Now here are the questions that I have that which no video is really giving a clear answer to.

1- It does not seem to effect quickness (I THINK, correct if in wrong)

2- so if u pulse fury, might, or swiftness facets once and the facet of nature is up, it keeps extending their duration to their cap then trigger true natture to push it over?


Maybe I have this right and maybe I dont, which is why im here to get some clarifcations. Because in some videos they use true nature immediatly and some keep it up, lots of mixed messages. Thank u for ur time folks


edit: I play heal herald btw

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There's no real rhyme or reason when to use it because it's extremely opportunist and situational. The only VERY valid time that you should keep the passive up is if people are boon stacking, the latter is always up to you.

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