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No error C2D - trading post?

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The past couple of weeks since the patch I've been having  semi-frequent crashes where the game just closes, no error message to pass on, no freezing or poor performance beforehand to indicate anything is wrong, just a full crash. I think I've had these elsewhere but the instances I remember have all involved the trading post. I think there may have been one on the Vault UI too which makes me wonder if it's something to do with the browser interface GW2 uses - coherent ui I think? Did anything change with it in the Through The Veil patch?


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CoherentUI is gone. It's CEF now, and a problem with it wouldn't cause the game to silently crash, unless your system ran out of memory.

To see a reason for the crash, open the Event Viewer (search the start menu) > Windows Logs > Application. Look for an error at the time GW2 crashed, which will give you a reason why it crashed.

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