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GUI Improvements

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As someone that comes from Runescape 3, where there are endless customization options.

I think it would be a great addition to the game to allow players to customize their UI further. Its currently possible to resize stuff, and change the scaling. But that is not enough.
I play with an very wide monitor, 34" at 3440x1440. It would be a great addition for more minimap customizations. Since my monitor is not curved, i have to physically lean to the right to see markers on the right side edge of the minimap. Simply moving it slightly to the left would have solved my issue. But hey, the more customization options the better!

I suppose we could use this thread for all GUI customization ideas.

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I think the main thing I'd like is more specific options for hiding the UI. For example I'd like to be able to hide my skills out of combat but keep boons and conditions visible (even if I can't move them so they're floating in the middle of the screen), and hide my health bar when it's full rather than based on whether or not I'm in combat.

It would be nice to be able to move things as well, but in games where that's an option I tend to only make minor changes.

7 hours ago, Randulf.7614 said:

If memory serves, the devs have said UI changes and customisation are hard to do due to ancient, fragile and messy code which was built on the idea of specifically not being too adjustable

That always seemed odd to me, because GW1 does allow you to move the UI around. It's probably still not enough customisation for some people, but it's more than GW2 has. Both the changes suggested in this thread would be possible.

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