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Firebrand time quickness


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Hey Guys, i was reading Yesterday the patchnotes and when i was Reading that the trait, that gives quickness when you enter a tome, gets it icd removed.

I am Not Sure if this ist intended, but even without the buff to, 2 Seconds quickness younget in theory unlimited quickness to yourself, you can easilx Stack 30 Seconds quickness in probably Well below 5 Seconds. If is intended Like that okay cool, but it seems a Bit broken in my opinion.

Maxbe its the was to enable it in PvP but prepare pls an hotfix, even when it has 1 Second icd you can get unlimited quickness.

The Change:

"Swift Scholar: This trait no longer has an internal cooldown. Increased the quickness duration from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds in PvP and WvW."

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