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forced map instance change after 5-10 minutes

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Since coming back to gw2 this month (last played several months ago) I've only played the SotO content and I noticed that when the map instance closure popup is shown for volunteering to changing the map instance I will be forcibly moved to a new map within 5-10 minutes even though I clicked "Later" and the timer still has 50+ minutes left.

Is this a new policy?  

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It's even specified with a timer. After the Amnytas meta you get a 2 minute timer for the map to close. It's the same with the Drizzlewood Coast meta. After defeating the boss and the 5 minutes of fair weather in the northern part of the map, when the storm returns the map closes (also specified with a timer on screen). But in regular circumstances, yes, you should have an hour before the map closes. So I assume you actually checked the timer instead of just thinking you had an hour.

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5-10 minutes? That's a long time! Often times I log in and get kicked out 30 seconds later. There have even been times where I was kicked out with no warning! The game literally just closed a map for no reason at all with no warning and put me on another map instance because kitten me.

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