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Thrown out from Convergences - infinite floating/rising bug in wips form

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earlier today I was downed/killed by "Sorrow" in Convergences(public) and turned into a wisp. When turned to wisp I still kept floating/rising, unable to go down. Sorrow has a gravity mechanic, maybe it carried into wisp form. Anyway, as soon as I reached the ceiling I was instantly ported back to Wizard's Tower.
When I loaded into the tower I got the general meta reward. No daily hero's chest, no weekly progress.

There was no squad in the instance so I dont know if I would have made it back. Considering how far the boss was at the time I was thrown out I might have not been able to get back anyway. After that I joined a private squad, completed it and got the mentioned rewards normally.

It would be good if a player crossing the border would be teleported back into the instance zone, not fully thrown out.

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