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New to using the API, getting 503 error


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I'm new to using the API, but have plenty of experience in using APIs. I'm using NodeJS. I thought the most simple thing to get would be the dailies, but the response I get shows the status of 503 and statusText 'Service Unavailable'. I am not asking for debugging here, but just want to know if there is an issue with getting the dailies? I thought to try just getting the build and that works fine.

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It would be helpful to know what endpoint you were trying to use.  There are no endpoints for the Wizard's Vault dailies* if that is what you are trying to get.  The old version, v2/achievements/daily, is a dead endpoint right now.  If you're trying to get other dailies, like Daily Strike Missions (v2/achievements/categories/250), those still work.


*There is a Wizard's Vault Daily Objectives category, but it is always the same meta Wizard's Vault: Completionist achievement, not specific daily tasks.

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