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Screen load lag

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Maybe its a Problem with your hardrive or SSD, i Had some Trouble with my SSD lately, cleaning it Up helped a Bit, shouldnt bei Problem of the Game, Look at your Taskmanager while the Game is loading, your Drive should max Out at 100% If its the problem

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2 hours ago, Mayaura.4603 said:

This game has always had very long load times, but the past few days it has vbecome particularly bad. I can't even get the Vault screen to load at all. Thoughts?

Sounds like indeed a disk problem here.

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It can be, but is not necessarily a local PC issue. My PC is well beyond any of the game's required specs, and it's been getting progressively worse for me with each release since SotO launch.

Everything else on the PC has been working the same as it always has over the same time period, with no similar degradation in performance. The issue is limited to GW2.

Zone load screens that formerly took a few seconds will now take a full minute or longer, and it's a coin-flip as to whether I will zone into a closing map(!) and just have to zone yet again.

I don't think your PC is to blame.

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