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Issues with Guild Hall Instancing

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We know that if a bigger group of people join a Guild Hall, a new instance gets opened at some point and people can join in the new, bigger instance while the old one dies out after a while. This is normal and perfectly fine. Since our guild is hosting bigger events in Guild Halls from time to time (like Jumping Puzzle Contests, or concerts), we have to rely on this method a lot and struggle everytime with an instancing bug that just kicks people out of the Guild Hall and generates multiple new instances when people try to join into the "new" instance. Once you try to join the Guild Hall again, you get kicked out again. You can see this exact thing happening multiple times back to back in this VOD of one of our livestreamed events (timestamp 20:35). The streamer kept getting kicked out of the instance and there were 3 or 4 "new" instances in parallel getting opened. Since the upgrade of the Guild Halls is coming with the WvW and PvP balancing, I figured this might be a good time to post about this issue. We love using our Guild Halls for events but this issue just scares us away from using them, especially because we have to schedule 30min - 1 hour more for every event due to this unpredictable behavior. I assume more guilds will want to host GvG (guild  vs guild) events in their halls after this great update so they will struggle with the exact same thing, too.

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