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10 year old right-click camera bug still a problem.

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I played a lot 10 years ago when the game released and I was very irritated by a camera bug that existed back then already.

Sometimes when you right-click to drag the camera around, the mouse cursor position doesn't lock and still keeps moving (while the cursor is invisible).
If you have more than 1 monitor, the mouse is able to go outside the game window and when that happens, the game loses focus because you right-click in your other monitor.
You lose control of your character and have to click back in the game window to continue playing, and this happens even when you run in full-screen and even though the game actually locks the cursor inside the game window.
Back then I only had 1 monitor so I was still able to play and just had to deal with the cursor moving all over the place.
Now I have 2 monitors and this breaks the game so bad that it's unplayable, and I don't understand how other multi-monitor players deal with this.
I genuinely would like to know how you deal with it?
I understand not everyone has this bug, but when I google it I find post about it spanning through all these 10 years.

Please trust me when I say that my mouse is not broken. I work all day long in design programs where I am constantly right-click-dragging to pan around the view. When the mouse is faulty, it's immediately noticeable, and I've had that problem with other mice in the past.

I found the key bindings for enabling "Action Camera" where the camera always moves with the mouse without right-clicking, like in other 3rd person games, and I find this very comfortable.
Without this, I would not be able to play the game.

After 10 years (I cannot stress the 10 years enough) there have been enough posts about this that I am 100% sure the developers know about it.
I'm almost convinced the Action Camera system was implemented just as a work-around for this bug.

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2 hours ago, VAHNeunzehnsechundsiebzig. said:

maybe this bug is still open because it only affect you two?

No, they are right and it doesn't only affect those to but everyone who plays with S and D not turning the camera but strafing instead. You then need to turn the camera by holding down the right mouse button, in which case the issue mentioned by the OP tends to occur.

On 11/17/2023 at 9:31 PM, bibbis.7041 said:

Istill keeps moving (while the cursor is invisible).
If you have more than 1 monitor, the mouse is able to go outside the game window and when that happens, the game loses focus because you right-click in your other monitor.

Selecting "Fullscreen" in the game's graphics settings prevents this from happening 99.9% of the time, because it restricts your cursor to the monitor you use for GW2.

Edited by Ashantara.8731
Typo (meant fullscreen, not windowed fullscreen)
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I have been experiencing the same bug after one of the recent updates. It seems to come and go and it only affects Guild Wars 2. My husband who plays on a different computer with a different mouse has also been experiencing the same cursor bug. It impacts the playability of the game especially in competitive modes. I've been reading reddit and forum threads related to this bug in hopes of finding something that fixes it but I haven't found anything.

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Right click+drag/turn camera for direction of character while moving causes Cursor to activate action-camera.  Click screen with left or right mouse goes back to normal, but natural movement is interupted from when action-camera triggers.  Can happen multiple times while trying to turn and position during encounters.

Related: sometimes Cursor stays "on" when right clicking and trying to move for direction with WSAD keys. When this occurs click on the screen does not bring the camera focus back.  Instead mouse arrow always shows when it should disappear while turning camera.  Directioning your character is difficult because mouse swings widely in direction far beyond normal movement required to orient your character.  The mouse mode does not go back to normal from click left or right.  Requires restart of game or going from windowed mode to full screen and back (meanwhile your character is getting killed, missing a jump in a puzzle etc.)  I do not know if this happens in full screen mode.  I play windowed.  I have tried altering my action camera setts = no help found there.  (Even tried shutting off action-camera, though that would be game breaking too, because I really need it for aiming fireballs etc)


Logitec MX518 Mouse

I have had the same problem almost daily lately.  Seems it started with EoD for me.  Certain areas in Cantha do this daily.  Found this thread because it's almost game breaking at times and such an irritation in Convergences now.  When I looked in the past I didn't find any fixes or settings that keep this from happening, or any notes about certain hardware causing it.  This bug sure makes me wanna smash things.. screws up your beetle regularly, along with most fights.  The action camera just kicks on and then click again goes back to screen.  Once in a while, the mouse gets stuck as the OP mentioned and flys like a mushy mouse and you have to move much farther to the sides to directions your character.

Submitting as a ticket today 12/2/2023

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