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Hide and seek in guild halls.

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Match can be between 2,3 and 4 guilds

Each guild will assign a defence team and a search party, Each guild will also assign 3players as their guild token,

Every guild will start with 10 different type of disguises for their Guild Token, guild token are player that can pick from the 10 different disguise then they will hide in the guild hall, they can move around or not move. But there is a cooldown to using move. Token players comes with one skill where the token player get to choose at the beginning, like make other object looks suspicious, duplicated self when discover to confuse enemy and make a get away, throw smoke screen and  teleport away, etc etc....

First guild to find and kill all tokens wins and that will give everyone who participated a reward plus individual fame points. The guild itself will gain "Fame" points to buy more skills for more variety of token disguises and individual players can buy more token skills. 

Defence team will try to kill the seeker enemy team in their guild hall to prevent them from finding the guild token. And vice versa. Kill the defence team than find the token.

That's all.

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