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Hoping for some visibility - Relic of the Thief and Bladesworn


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All variants of Bladesworn's dragon slash do not trigger relic of the thief. This is a seemingly small "bug" has made playing bladesworn rather clunky - you're forced to pad an extra gunsaber skills between dragon slashes to upkeep your relic. Again, it's not ruining anyone's life but it does hurt flow of Bladesworn's rotation for many people.

The class is already challenging to make work (as evidenced by its play rate...) and having to accomodate for an awkward, boring relic is a bit disappointing.

Bladesworn is has such an amazing class fantasy and dopamine-inducing gameplay, but is held back by these little annoyances that chew away at your enjoyment. I'm really hoping this will get some visibility and be given some consideration. 🙏

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