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Troubles with colors and gliders

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I was browsing the gliders i don't have, but i was seeing them with wrong colors so i noticed that they pick up the colors from my gliders, even if they are not equipped.
So i tried to erase my colors, but the "Erase Dye" button simply puts brown on them instead of resetting to their original one.
To make matters worse, when i close and reopen the dyes window, colors change themselves.... there is something really broken in here, or i'm getting mad for nothing.

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3 hours ago, DanAlcedo.3281 said:

Could it be that you don't own the color the glider has in its original form? 

Had problems with that in the past that colors sometimes didn't work because I had not unlocked them. 

Sadly the problem is not only that, i found some of those problems also with the armor colors...
I cannot believe that no one is reporting about this mess with dyes system

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