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[Blocking Progress] New Jade Vault Bug: It doesn't reset weekly and is not accessable at all.

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First of all the Support only sends generic answers and says "they cannot forward progress" etc. etc.... Therefore, I'm posting here.

The Jade Vault is on my and my Guild-Mates account not accessable since the week before helloween. My guild mate wanted to build a Cantha Legendary( I have two I know what I'm talking about) and tried to hand in the figurines to access the vendor. However, there was an issue and I tried it too, which reproduced the exactly same bug. We had both already handed in figurines(from another week), which triggers the well-known bug that you cannot access it that week.

NEW part of the bug: it DOES NOT reset weekly!

We cannot hand in new figurines since the week before Helloween, effectively rendering us unable to build a Cantha-Legendary due to not being able to access the Jade Vaults through Myung-Hee. It says for weeks that the weekly achievement is already done.

Please investigate and  fix the bug ( and probably  reset the quest "Weekly Jade Vault" for me and Glingal.5869 as short term fix. Everything we get out if the dialogue is the achievement box that shows that the achievement is done for WEEKS.

The support doesn't wanna reset the weekly achievement(my guildmate made a ticket), so we can do it again(!), this is not forwarding progress(as the support claims), but resetting the quest to do it AGAIN. The sheer incompetence of the support staff is simply astonishing. It feels like as if work has been outsourced to the least qualified individual on planet earth and probably whole milky way.



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