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Issues with Convergence Instances

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The window to enter is way too short, it's difficult to re-enter a instance if you disconnect for whatever reason, and the compensation is pitiful (2 thimbles & 2 drips of liquid karma, and 5 pieces of unidentified common gear - that's it for what was pretty much a guaranteed victory).

Sorrow was at 25%, Zojja was full HP - about to heard back to the centre of the map for the last phase, on the last public convergence of the day and Virgin Media decides to disconnect me.

🤬Virgin Media

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changed to actual full partial rewards received
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I turn "Character model limit" to the lowest in graphic option , the game can't just handle 50 ppl blasting everywhere and a giant dragon crackling the whole squad , you should try to lower your graphical settings and see where is the limit , for me it is as i said above , and if it's not enough i lower the shaders quality too , but i don't only do that for convergences i do it too for filled méta.

For the disconnection , well only thing i can say is , sadly, change your provider :s , convergence are new and a lot of ppl wants to join in for achiev / kryptis loot etc , so this overloading server issue is gonna stay for a while i think.

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