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For the love of god, Blooming Mistshard Armor set without crystals please!

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I wish for this so much but I know it is highly unlikely at this point. There is the standard set that doesn't have crystals but the armor detail is a clear downgrade compared to the Blooming set. It's like choosing between less armor detail or more detail with crystal tumors that over complicate the design.

I know that a lot more people would use this set if it wasn't for the crystals as its almost impossible to match it with anything that isn't already crystal themed. Such a waste imo. 

That's it for my first world rant.


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Years ago they released those flame variants of basic armor skins.  I wonder if they would release less busy versions of other armor skins?  Take away a few spikes and dangly bits, and then patch up the holes. 

I would expect simplified or decluttered armor skins to sell for the same price as the originals. 
I suppose the non-gemstore armor should have a vendor and a collection for the original armor pieces.

Edit: Actually just go ahead and put decluttered versions of non-gemstore skins into the gemstore, if they are useful for mixing and matching then I will buy them.

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