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To begin, I'd like to thank my wife for the inspiration on this matter. Her Love for Tybalt is expressed regularly throughout our gameplay together and her heartbreak is quite apparent.

Just this past "Mad realm" event I noticed what I might call one of the cutest NPC to NPC interactions and well, I want to be a part of it! (My wife has already made the statement, "You just found out about that?!")

In Lion's arch there's an apple vendor trying to sell apples and every so often a young asuran encourages his skritt friend to utilize his natural talents and aquire some apples.

I've wanted to help both the vendor and the kids since learning of this so I'd got to thinking how do you stop the kids...I mean they're kids, so how bout costume brawl skills to get an "Apples in Bulk" reward. Alternatively how about being a "distraction" for the kids?

In any case, I adore the thought that these little ones are in secret visiting a child made shrine in commemoration to the late Charr and offering up apples and yes BRING TYBALT in spirit to accept the bountiful offering of 250 apples should be fair as you can buy "apple" from "Apple Jack" and "Apples in Bulk" can be acquired in many locations for a bit of karma.

Now the fun part..." But, why?!" Why bring Tybolt, I'm sure we would all have our reasons, mine may just be "to make my wife happy" but, the truth in honoring the character best means anet would bring life to why Tybalt only visits at this childs creation. (Psst, order of whispers, shhh)

Edit: Keep in mind this is an Idea not a pitch, centered around the vendor and children in Lion's arch. The correlation to Tybalt stems from both the vendors wares and my wife's deep admiration for the character.

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1 minute ago, Randulf.7614 said:

Forgive me, but I simply have no idea what it is you are asking for here. Something about giving apples to the ghost of Tybalt via a costume brawl activity?

I'm lost, sorry

That would be roughly the sum of it of course with much more complexity depending on how you choose your path with the current interaction between npcs

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Just now, Linken.6345 said:

or you can play conquest with tybalt as your champion.


We do, this idea is an attempt to expand on the characters story though. Recently a post was made bringing the Manifesto into question and as such there was comment of "building relationships that you can return to" thus bringing back heartache prompting me to go ahead and submit this idea

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To be honest I think the reasoning behind the idea is sound, but the implementation via  costume brawl is a bit naff. Simply because no one would do it - costume brawls are barely done even at festivals. I'd rather they utilised such an idea by incorporating it properly into the game and making it worthwhile 

Honouring Tybalt is better done using a similar method they used for Trahearne memorial/Caladbolg side story - an entire mini questline and/or collection. It could involve speaking to NPCs, the Order, collecting apples, giving them out to various people, reliving old locations and at the end you could get an exclusive reward. Maybe a statue of Tybalt or an apple Tree for a guild hall. Or an apple skinned ascended mace/hammer/shield


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