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ANET - Can you please fix Sorrow not dropping orbs in water.

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Seriously. people are great at the mechanics now, people collect orbs, people keep zoja healed, people destroy siege engines, split to clear platforms.

I did 2 public groups today, and first was fine, 29 mins in and out, smooth and problem free.

second was going even better was going to clear in 25 easy...but no, sorrow wanders into the water....so no orbs drop, and we cant heal zoja.

Sure you can say "but all stay on land" yeah, you can try that, but whilst public groups can learn mechanics, they should not have to learn how to play around bugs...

Just remove the water from the instance entirely it serves zero purpose. change it to a devastated texture between the "islands" for clarity and leave it at that.

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17 minutes ago, RajaatTheWarbringer.6549 said:

While not the same issue just came out of a Convergence where Sorrow sat on a Skyscale updraft so we couldn’t get near the orbs to heal Zojia without shooting into the air. Event Failed

Tried dodging through it?

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