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not receiving 2-factor verification e-mails

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Starting this morning, I am having issues trying to log in and trying to make a support tickets. The problem is that the two-factor verification e-mails do not arrive at all or only arrive after a 5 minute delay.  In other words, I keep pressing the 'refresh' button in my mail program, and nothing happens. Thus far, I have made 5 attempts to get a code and I have actually received 2 much-delayed emails.

Incidentally: I am visually impaired, so copying and pasting the code from email is fine, but copying manually from a phone or authenticator device is ... arduous. At this point, I'd rather you switched the whole 2-factor identification off...

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Interestingly all emails have arrived now. Interestingly, the attempt at 10:14 AM came in LONG before the attemps for 9:57, 10:06 and 10:07 arrived. I'd say there's something desperately wrong with the guildwars email system.

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