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Wizard's Vault daily activities

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Hello, I'm a long time player and I'm playing almost everyday since SotO came out. I find myself repeating almost every week the same activities, which it's starting to get boring.
The new daily reward system shows almost the same type of activities to earn Astral Acclaims, for example: defeat/loot 10 enemies, kill veteran/elite enemy, dodge 3 times, 3 combo finishers on combo fields and so on, which I personally find pretty ok.
What I'm finding quite boring it's repeating "Participate in an Activity" which shows twice or more a week or the two Jumping Puzzles on Straits of Devastation (The Long Way Around) and Fireheart Rise (Vexa Lab).
We used to do very different JPs on the old daily reward system and, since many people own all the expansions, we should be invited to play a wider list of JPs from all expansions, on a real RNG pick.
Another, even more annoying recurrent activity are the minidungeons Spirit Vestibule or Vasburg armory. At the beginning I was amazed of the choice, also because in the rush to finish the story and access the metas of EoD I missed them, but now this repetition is getting boring...

Guildwars 2 is a game that has a lot of content to play, why limit ourselves to doing the same activities?
Am I the only one who thinks it's a pity of a so small choice of activities to get daily rewards?

p.s.: We almost totally forgot about DRMs, few people still playing Marionette, Battle of Lion's Arch and Tower of Nightmare. I think they could also have a daily/weekly reward to be completed.

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I don't get why the pool is so small for minidungeons in particular, or why Jumping Puzzles are specifically weeklies, there are so many potential options in just the basegame but as far as I can tell, with basegame, HoT, and PoF, the only options are Vexa's Lab and Long Way Around... Which ironically are also two of the minidungeons I loathe the most in the whole game.
Nevermind the crazy ones that people were getting in EoD supposedly that could take ages to finish and not even reward correctly? (Including the one that was removed it was so broken)

Honestly I would prefer that Minidungeons be the weeklies and Jumping Puzzles be the dailies - unless Vexa's is already complete and you can rush through before it resets, or someone is cheesing LWA, Jumping Puzzles take much less time on average (unless it picks one of the annoying ones that's a jumping puzzle after another jumping puzzle or something)

And activities are so bland and repetetive and take so long - a lot of the time I see people just stand around and put the bare minimum effort in, and I get why. They're unrewarding, boring, and for the most part ostensibly PvP despite being in the PvE objectives for some dumb reason.

The longer I do Wizard's Vault, the more irritated and tired I get with it. The old dailies didn't really have this problem because there was variety, but all the variety got sucked out of the dailies and slapped onto the weeklies which, once you do them, they're done for the rest of the week.

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3 minutes ago, Mistwraithe.3106 said:

I totally agree that there should be a larger pool of jumping puzzles and mini dungeons available.

Some of the JPs would also work for Dailies (just not the harder/longer ones, they should remain weeklies).

There should be a larger pool of a lot of things for those of us who don't like mini-dungeons and/or jumping puzzles.

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it looks like the RNG choosing the daily/ weekly goals doesn't work as planned.

Either it's simply broken (doesn't randomize enough), or it works with too narrow a preselection (not enough options to choose from), or it's just a captured Skritt, tasked with selecting the goals. But since the poor lad is imprisoned all alone, lacking the IQ boost of its companions, it delivers poor results.

In any way this is not good. More varying tasks would be welcome - it isn't that there'd not be tons of 'em to choose from!

Have fun!

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We also initially had much more variety in the PvE dailies, but I haven't seen half of the full possibilities since the first two weeks to a month since SoTO released.

Iirc around the second month, I switched to both PvE and WvW, but I was noticing the lack of variety in my rotation before then which then prompted me to add WvW just to give me more options.

Here's the list of possible Wizard's Vault dailies from the GW2 wiki

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13 minutes ago, Tiviana.2650 said:

I hate how they nerfd the AA rewards for weekly , I was getting 150AA on some then it went down to 50, and there are 2specials i mean we dont have a lot of choices

When were you getting 150 for a weekly? I think you might have confused that with specials. And the last set of objectives showed us that they'll add more specials along the way, pretty sure at least for the festivals.

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