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Relic of Nourys prevents Chronophantasma trait from working

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I've recently tested Relic of Nourys on Chronomancer with Chronophantasma trait and found this:

1. You summon any phantasm before Nourys enlargement buff triggers (at 9 stacks).

2. Phantasm starts its first attack.

3. Nourys's 5 seconds buff triggers.

4. Phantasms completes its first attack and disappears/dies without resummoning itself and not leaving even a clone behind.

This bug affects ALL the phantasms, but especially painful for GS4 and SW5 phantasms. 

Please, don't let it be a nearly permanent "feature" of Chronomancer like with previously existed resummon bug. 

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  • AlnSedai.2793 changed the title to Relic of Nourys prevents Chronophantasma trait from working

Probably relate to this bug, all clone summon will not work when Noury's hunger is still ative. It seem like this buff use the same system as combat tonic transformation. Endless Awakened Archer Tonic for example will not spawn any clones at all time (the phantasm will transform into clone and disappear immediately). Also the trigger condition of Relic of Nourys doesn't require you to remove any boon from target just be in combat is enough.

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