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Was hoping for another area denial ambush skill with untamed, doesn't seem to be the case.....


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Even if WAS an area denial like Solar Brilliance, they will nerf it.  

They've repeatedly nerfed both Neurotoxin and Solar in sPvP because they are useful, I have no faith that changes here--especially if the mace has a chance of giving stab, aegis, another projectile block, etc.  

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19 hours ago, Arheundel.6451 said:

They are showcasing Untamed Double Mace....I hope to be wrong but the ambush mace skill ...it's too slow

1. Noone said it's Untamed, those weapons will be available for ranger as a class not as an elite exclusive.

2. The pet and the ranger were not seen in unleashed state or indicated they are in one therefore we can't be sure if they cheated and activated the ambush skill or if they didn't use Untamed at all.

3. Not sure if they showed elite spec special interactions in the video since like I said it's for ranger as a class but that AOE at the very start where the bear also uses it's ability is getting some suspicion.

4. That's why we have a stream on the 27th, that's where they expand more and perhaps reveal to us the ambush skill of it when it comes to Untamed.

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