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PvP queing system


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Im not sure how the matchmaking works, how ever i have found my games to be total BS, in ATs (which is what i do mainly now) i play with alot of plat players and beat alot of plat players how ever i have found since ive gotten plat invs and what not my ranked games have suffered, ive been quad into plat teams with teammates that are clearly not good and throw every game and finding myself with the same team for the next 2-3 games so then i decided o do unranked and ill be damned swarles and wes with a bunch of plat players are on same team not queing as a team and ofc my team are all new to the game (cause its unranked), is that just a crazy coincidences or is it that the game picks up the rating of players for all games played including ATs

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