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a minor request


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pleas eanet don't put Restorative Illusions condi cleans on a grand trait , mesmer condi cleanse kinda suck in spvp without the inspi traitline and with that its just ok , nobody uses null field /mantra of resolve/ archane of thievery [this one only a few ppl] in spvp coz you need to sacrifice a good utility that can save your butt a few times

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Sorry to tell you but that isn't a minor request coz they need to do something at my request they don't need to do anything, but seriously there's a lot of things they could do like increasing the staff and scepter projectal traveling speed, or remove useless trait lines like persistence of memory, or increase the atack casting animation to the staff and torch phantoms and all of those wouldn't be a big deal either if i would want a major request i could ask for the trindent be usable outside of under water environment, nah that would be op as kitten its like a staff on steroids

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