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Firebrand/Core WVW


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21 minutes ago, Palikka.8249 said:

Is there a FB or Core build that works for casual roaming, but also in group fights? I just want some half decent build if possible.

I have one for FB that works pretty well. It has fair speed and good counterplay for roaming, and a decent mix of CC and support for zergs with the tomes' versatile kits. You won't output the massive stability and support that a true mistrel FB can bring, but you can skirt the edges of zergs with better cc, damage, and mobility while still sharing boons and projectile hate. 

Here are the basics. I can expand on usage later if you want it. 


If you have the opportunity to quickly switch your OH sword for a shield, and/or slotting Stoic Demeanor, when fighting in a larger group, you'll get more use out of those, but they aren't worth it for roaming. 

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1 hour ago, Palikka.8249 said:

Looks interesting, how good is longbow compared to staff on FB?

Staff just don't work as a dps wep, Im sure some really good peeps can use it but...
Longbow is actually designed to do dmg, and LB5 can catch ppl in an AoE, it just has a cast time, but imho its easier to use as a "tripwire" tool than staff 5.

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3 hours ago, Palikka.8249 said:

Looks interesting, how good is longbow compared to staff on FB?

Yeah, as has been already stated, they serve completely different purposes. The longbow is mostly for damage and CC, with very little support. The staff is a meta support/healing weapon in both PVE and WVW, but rather poor for dealing damage, and its only CC skill is clunky. It can tag in OW though. 

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This is the build that I have been running for few years, with updated EoD stuff, I've been running a greatsword + hammer for a while, even before the hammer changes and it slaps. With the lack of healing it relies much on the aegis and dodges for survival but boon rip builds will crush it. It hits hard enough and is surprisingly tanky unless focused on so you have to choose your fights. But it has quite high quickness uptime even if you just tap once the Mantras of Solace, Potence, Liberation and Advance and wait until you get your charges back. With hammer + greatsword it's a bit tankier and you can pressure your foe with leap of faith + change to hammer and keep wailing. Mighty Blow can hit up to 8k damage on squishy targets and Leap of Faith around 5k. The skill 3 from Tome of Courage is a standard reflect skill vs ranged. Relic of Speed is another that I use. If you have the weaponmaster you could run with sword off-hand for more mobility. It's not a guaranteed winner but I can do casual roaming and zerging just fine and get more lootbags than I give out.


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I don't like expansion specs too much because they usually have too many buttons to press, so I enjoy core specs the most. That's why I like to invent my own builds, as there aren't many core meta builds out there. I've invented this one quite a while ago but it has survived all the patches and is still my main go to:


1. You can win most of 1v1s if you know what you are doing. Even 2v1s if you aren't running against some abuse builds (cele Weaver/Tempest/Catalyst or permastealth deadeye).

2. You become much more powerful in small or large groups. If you space your shouts and virtues few seconds apart and resist the temptation of pushing all the instant cast skills at once, you can quite literally turn the outcome of blob vs blob encounters, or keep your roaming group alive while doing reputable damage.

PS: The infusions aren't mandatory. I just like to have malign infusions on my guard because guardian will always do some condi damage even in full power builds because of the Virtue of Justice, so it's the best profession to put malign infusions on.

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