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Any option to disable the tutorial tooltips?

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For example in convergences there are constant tutorial tooltips showing up after more than 20 time of doing convergences. I do not need a constant reminder of how toggling the mounts ley line thing works or how my 50 stacks are full and can not pick up more emotion or the other 50000 tutorial tooltips throughout the game after playing this game hardcore since launch. 

This is completely ridiculous at this time. Please tell me I missed an option somewhere or if not then get down to adding an option to disable tutorials. 


I know I know I read that ppl complained in the past but this is tooooooooooooooo much.

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I would like an option to disable the big chat bubbles over the player's head from NPC dialog. I can hear the NPC saying "That magic belongs to Nayos not Eparch". I can see "That magic belongs to Nayos not Eparch." in the chat. I don't also need it dead center of my screen. Currently it seems you can only disable the chat bubbles for you type into chat.

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