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Game crashes when in EoTN - post update issue

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Edit: I think I've found the issue.
I am using arcdps and boontable-extension addons as part of my game.
While in char-select screen I opened the arcdps settings (alt+sft+T) > went to "About" and turned on errors.
a pop-up window appeared from arcdps with "warning: content mismatch"
I took the arcdps and boontable .dll and place them in a separate folder to turn them off.
The game runs again, I guess this is it until arcdps updates in a few days.


Hey, I updated the game just now and crashed after logging into my game.
I tried again and again but it won't let me enter the game (after the character select screen).
I tried logging into another character, and it works fine.
When I tried to log in with my main it crashed again.
I went to my alt and went to EoTN where my main is currently located - the game crashed.
The conclusion I came to: EoTN crashes my game, and I don't know why.

What can I do? what to do? is this a global issue? or am I the only one who's having those crashes in EoTN

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Found a solution
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