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Peitha Relic for Bladesworn is a good idea, but needs more work /bugfixing

Fractal Spoon.9280

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First: The changes to Flicker Step (Dragon Trigger #5) and to the Peitha relic were clearly aimed at enabling a new dps-Bladesworn build in pve, which in my opinion (with its icd) adds a really nice layer of complexity to the build, I love the idea!

But it currently does not work underwater at all (the projectile gets launched and stays above the water surface!), and on land any adds/ big hitboxes / invuln hitboxes that overlap with your target, make it impossible to make sure you get the relic bonus against it.

I have two suggestion to improve this:

A) You make the relic either prioritize your active target, and ensure that the projectile can't be blocked by random hitboxes (sometimes even untargetable ones).

B) Instead of making the relic require the projectile to hit, make it (when the projectile effect happens) apply a buff to the player that gives a general damage increase to any target for the intended duration, regardless of what the projectile does (like some other relics do)?

On another note, I don't believe that torment fits with a power relic, maybe vulnerability would be a better suit?

thanks for your consideration!

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I like the current iteration of Peitha where the effect is specifically on one target from a thematic standpoint. "Blink for more 4s of more damage" is terribly boring. Agree with suggestions on targeting.

Don't mind the torment personally as a lot of power builds tick some random condis here and there; it's damage all the same and torment kind of fits Peitha.

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