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Good Things that happened to pvp


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They nerfed Mech again. 

The funny full DPS condi mech build I had is officially dead. Now the people who hate Mecha are happy, and I don't have to listen to that voice in my head telling me to give PvP another chance. 

I am 2 months clean from Gw2 going for a third~


The build in question for context.


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Super bunker specs are not really a thing (thinking original mirage, condi herald...)

Tradeoffs between damage and survivability feel mostly in a pretty good place.

Build diversity is pretty good. Every class has something useful they can run and even good off-meta builds can be just as successful as well-known meta choices in most ranked matches.

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Some builds are just ridiculously bursty, like yesterday I got spiked for 40k damage from a mesmer in a period of 2 seconds. I got stunned in reaper form, 100%-0 in both forms in that same stun. A lot of side noder builds have too much sustain and damage at the same time, such as elementalist and warriors. Willbenders seem useless unless there are necromancers you're trying to counter...

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