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I love axe thief and staff warrior, but shortbow...


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I actually couldn't stand the axe thief lol. It just didn't feel good to me at all. Just felt more Ranger-y to me than Thief.

Staff Warrior was neat, but felt like I was playing a Daredevil. Just didn't feel unique. Same with Rifle Mesmer. Was like I was playing a Deadeye. Sorry Thief, but everyone else has your elite specs now lol.

Necro swords were... interesting. Ranger maces were clunky. Guardian dual pistol was just... no lol. Elementalist pistol was confusing. Mesmer rifle was fun. Thief axe was messy. Staff Warrior was alright. Revenant scepter was weird.

Engineer was the one that I actually didn't try yet. Funny enough, I forgot all about them. I'll have to give them a go later to see what is going on with that.

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Very constructive feedback.

I love how there was only 3 weapon mentions here and not the entire list, like: how to tell me you didn't try the other weapons/classes without telling me, you didn't try the other weapons/classes.

Assolador out here with even more fried posts.

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  • Guardian pistols – finally another ranged option, auto attack could be faster
  • Revenant scepter – too flashy and feels unnatural
  • Warrior staff – kind of works, not sure about forced mobility
  • Engineer shortbow – feels really good, it is that enginner without proper resources theme
  • Ranger maces – not sure about this one since "mechanic" on skills can be overwhelming for some ppl
  • Thief axe – does not feel right
  • Elementalist pistol – I do not play Ele so dunno, seems nice
  • Mesmer rifle – this was fun
  • Necromancer swords – interesting

Even with not finished animations and so on I would give it 8/10 based on first impression in this beta. Revenant, Thief and Ranger are these -2 points.

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  • Guardian pistols – All lame pewpew skills with no survivability or CC. PvE weapon by design.
  • Revenant scepter – Whole concept of using lot of autoattacks to activate other skills is flawed. The autoattacks look great tho! PvE weapon by design.
  • Warrior staff – Amazing, lacks blast and leap finishers. I am leaping or blasting but no finisher? AAs should have longer range?
  • Engineer shortbow – Nothing is more annoying than spamming slow-casting ground targets with no mobility. People who try this weapon first, will think the game is very bad and outdated. PvE weapon by design.
  • Ranger maces – Everyone loves them
  • Thief axe – Didn't try, thief mains don't like it. PvE weapon by design.
  • Elementalist pistol – All lame pewpew skills without enough survivability or CC. PvE weapon by design.
  • Mesmer rifle – Too many ground targets, not enough fast cast CC or survivability. PvE weapon by design.
  • Necromancer swords – Promising, little lackluster on boon removal and damage side. PvE weapon with current numbers.

The weapons that are not viable in competitive modes, need big additions in self-survivability and CC. Also there are too many skills that are ground targeted or require facing enemy. They just aren't fluid or feel modern at all. You can literally take ele staff, weapon from release, and these new weapons compared are just skillspam thrash with no real utility or survivability.

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