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Writing on the new forums ...


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... can be a little tricky. Writing certain things like a guide or a detailed list turns out to be difficult and the formatting options are quite limited. We have received a few upgrades over the last years, but the struggle is still real. With the recent patch, I was forced to re-write the post from scratch. Most of the formatting was ruined, codes became unreadable and as most of you may have noticed, spoiler work a little different now. But some things still work, which are still not embedded in the formatting options. Here we go again ...

1.) Text coloring


2.) Separating text with lines


3.) Capital Letters![](https://i.imgur.com/pd92Y7w.jpg "")#Capital Letters

4.) Spoilers


! This is a spoiler. Every line of the spoiler needs this tag at the beginning.! See?If you leave a line without a tag, this will happen.! If you use it on the next line, this will happen.! It really gets messed up. If you use the spoiler-option in the menue after marking the whole text, it will be added automatically.! The old tag does no longer work.

5.) Underlined Text

fK4q00b.jpgUnderlined Text[bUG] Sometimes the picture not gets loaded. You can also find the tags in the topic below, 6.) CODE. I use it there as an example.

6.) CODE

8l53wRa.jpgThe code tag only functions as a highlighter now. It adds a yellow background to your text.But it does no longer allow you to show other people code-tags. Those will get executed instead.Example: underlined text

7.) Text as Link


7.) Tables

Those seem to work, but you cannot enable borders, what makes them look really weird. Creating a table is a bit complicated in my opinion. If you google for "html table editor" you can find excellent programs which create you the code so you only have to copy/paste it.This is the most basic one I found so far: divtable.com

Example for a 2x2 table:


Note: Column width get adjusted to the longest text in a cell, obviously.

8.) Special Symbols

A trend that recently started. People use all kinds of colored symbols in their threads. Some even use them in titles, to generate greater attention.

UNICODE TABLEThis is a massive database with all kinds of text-symbols there exist. Just use the search-option and find what ever symbol you are looking for.

Examples:Fire ?Crossed Swords ⚔Candy ?Water Wave ?Battery ?

Note: If people over-use the feature, they may limit the amount of symbols we can use. But for the moment, almost everything works.

As with the old version, I hope this helps you a little. All the stuff you see listed above was found by try and error.

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The software they're using is called Vanilla Forums. I've not looked into it in much detail yet but their site should have info on what is and is not possible and how to achieve it. Some features might require Anet to add plugins or might have been disabled (for example the Elder Scrolls Online forum also uses Vanilla and it's possible to embed pictures there) but it's a starting point at least.

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I've got a tip to add!

So, when quoting people who do not have a space in their account name, you can still get the full effect of "pinging them." These forums have a natural tendency to not put double quotation marks around the full account name and number in a quote IF they don't have space. This is fixable by, when you quote a person who's name has no space, adding double quotes around their name.

For example, see below:

> @Danikat.8537 said:> Their post here.

Comes out to:

@Danikat.8537 said:Their post here.

Note how this player's name is completely in red when I quoted it. Without adding the quotation marks, it comes out to this:

@Danikat.8537 said:Their post here.

See the difference? Hope this helps!

The Assassin of Rata SumProud Member of Wards of the Mists [WARD]
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