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Do the small orbs in SotO maps respawn that give exp and map currency


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Yes. I believe they’re tied to the map instance like harvestable nodes, so going back several times during the day should allow you to collect them multiple times.

There’s a daily cap of 100 of each currency you can gain from them, but you can still pick up the orbs for the endurance/flight range boost after that.

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The orbs respawn after a few minutes (It's about 5 minutes I believe). You can repeatedly fly though them for currency but of course there's a daily cap per map. From my own farming it seems Skywatch and Amnytas each have a cap of around 100 currency, and in Nayos the cap is about 300 (which makes sense since currenly Nayos is a half-map and has much fewer Arcane Chests to get daily currency from).

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