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What is a thief's role in sPvP?

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@Chaith.8256 said:

@eksn.7264 said:

@Chaith.8256 said:Btw, a Scourge alone on side points is Thief candy, however that movement from a scourge - virtually never going to happen.

I very often have a necro on my team who just roams or sits home in plat 2/3...

With multiple Scourges or no Firebrand it can happen.. If not, I still wouldn't really be surprised if someone in plat didn't know where to go

2 games last night where our scourge instead of going mid to support me on DH kept going home and our thief was there as well team fighting instead of decapping far. So I basically had to be our thief... when I asked thief why he was team fighting he asked why I wasn't with necro? lmao. This is like plat2.

I did have some decent matches as well, but I see this crap every time I play. It's like going back to those beta gameplays where everyone just zergs 1 point. This is why I can't climb rank, forever stuck when you have garbage players 24/7. Once I get a little higher I just get brought back down by a couple scrubs.Oh well it's GW2 jokes on us xD

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@Kokoro.8437 said:The problem with thief currently is that although it has mobility, it just isn't fast enough.

The power creep of mobility from other classes has caught up to that of the daredevil, while the combat ability of the daredevil has just gone down.

D/P Thief straight up needs buffs.

There isn't any reason to run daredevil over a solid Spellbreaker/GS warrior. They both can fulfill the same role, while the spellbreaker/GS warrior has far superior output in actual combat without having to pussyfoot everywhere.

Thief spends all initiative, endurance, and utilites to run to an unguarded point. Proceeds to decap. Druid sees this, uses staff 3, gets there in time to prevent decap.

Thief can't do anything to druid, needs to run away and die.

Warrior uses GS 3 and 5 to run to node, all other stills are still available. Proceeds to decap. Druid sees this, uses staff 3, tries to fight spellbreaker and dies.

1) The only way a D/P daredevil could have more mobility would be to simply teleport anywhere on the map just by thinking about it, but thieves are already practically Nightcrawler reincarnate, so even that wouldn't be much of an upgrade.

2) If your solution to power creep is MOAR POWER CREEP! Then you're not doing anyone a favor with this suggestion.

3) Yes, thieves aren't very strong 1 v 1, but do you really think that a class that can do big instant burst and near-instant stomps off a 1,200 teleport with a stun and rotate faster than any other class should also be able to win most 1 v 1s?

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Decap and +1 and its not rocket science. Like 1/3 of thieves play this way the rest are morons and wonder why they can't effect a match by sticking to team fights and dueling on points the enemy teams colors. You should be capping home to start btw it drives me nuts when they don't. 25% go far and get stalemated or die to start, 50% go to middle and die to random aoe and cleaves in 3v3 or 4v4, 25% get the gold star and cap home to start.

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