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[VOD-PvP] UGO 3 - TMK - Druid PoV - Uncut

Pvt Frosty.6973

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@EnderzShadow.2506 said:

@Pterikdactyl.7630 said:Thanks for posting this. I have learned a lot from watching your gameplay.

Do you play competitively in a 5 man team?

No, not whatsoever. But I have spent most of my time in PvP playing thief, and am still very new to playing ranger in that setting. I play what I assume to be a very similar build to his staff s/wh build, so despite only playing in pugs, it is still helpful to see how he rotates and his mechanical skill.

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@Pvt Frosty.6973 said:

@Anela.3867 said:Great video! If you don't mind, what is your build?

Thanks! In the VoDs I am running these 2 builds:

Build 1 (Staff) -
Build 2 (Longbow) -

Thank you, Frosty!! I especially enjoyed the video because you were playing bow and I love the bow. I learned some new strategy by watching you.

Edit: I look forward to seeing your Soul Beast build.

Thanks again,


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