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Idea for Staff: Shatter Sanity


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For elementalist skills that previously only granted an aura, they added flipover skills to detonate the aura that also became available when they recieved the aura from another source. Some time ago they made the Chaos Armor skill apply blindess and confusion to nearby enemies on activation, but what if they made it function similarly to aura skills on ele instead of the on activation effect?

My proposition is "Shatter Sanity"

10s recharge

Shatter your chaos armor, striking nearby enemies and applying a random damaging condition, debilatating condition, and a hindering condition. Convert 2 of your conditions into boons.

Damaging Conditions: either burning ×1 3s, confusion ×2 5s, poison ×2 5s, or torment ×3 5s.

Debilitating Conditions: either blindness 5s, slow 3s, vulnerability ×5 5s, or weakness 3s.

Hindering Conditions: either chill 2s, cripple 5s, fear 1s, or immobilize 2s

Just for fun, I'm sort of changing up some of the chaos traits to make more sense of the recent attempt to grant synergy with chaos aura via the illusionary membrane and chaotic persistence traits.

Chaos adept minor becomes - Illusionary Membrane

casting your heal skill grants you chaos aura for 4s.

Chaos master adept becomes - Method to Madness

Chaos aura applied to you, or that you apply, grants regeneration for 5s. Deal 10% increased condition damage while under the effects of chaos aura.

Chaos grandmaster adept becomes... the same as it already is.

Method of Madness becomes - Chaos Theory

When you gain chaos aura, nearby allies gain it as well.

Auspicious Anguish becomes - same name, different effect. (This trait isn't great imo due to it being a defensive trait that doesn't necessarily actually protect you.).

When you remove a boon from an enemy, convert it to a condition instead.

Chaotic Transferrence keeps its name too, but the effect changes to -

When chaos aura or distortion you apply expires, it converts 2 conditions into boons.

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My main far and away is Mesmer, but if I had a second it's probably elementalist, so I'm decently familiar with all the auras that Eles get...and that you can detonate them now. That's actually not new; several auras could already do that. Now they just made it universal. However, I don't like it. Which options are good, I guess, it's not a skill I use.

It's also not something I really want to see on Chaos Armor. I wuold actually like to see the Chaos Armor be more...armory. I know that when traited right you can get protection out of it, and that's helpful, but I would trade the "Inflict conditions upon being hit" for just more defensive boons, like Resistance.

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