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Unable to delete character unless I paste the name from somewhere else

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I have had trouble deleting characters for months and months now. Either takes multiple attempts writing the name into the delete character text field, or doesn't work at all. Restarts and character relogs don't seem to affect anything consistently. Nothing much in common between the character names, upper or lower case doesn't seem to matter, special characters like ä don't seem to matter, and I'm spelling them correctly.

The trick that always seems to work is writing the character name outside the game (in the browser or something), then copying and pasting it into the name field. Ingame text fields seem to be causing the issue somehow. Don't know if keyboard or language settings affect this.

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On 12/27/2023 at 9:23 PM, Hiirenkorva.2435 said:

Yes, I've been clicking the delete button since enter seems to do nothing.

I encountered the same problem just recently, during the new weapons beta. It was the same server sync issue that fails to register your character's last location correctly.

The solution is to wait it out. Log out and back in, then try again. You then should be able to delete them.

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