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Giving FB mantras more range

Dark Viper.2378

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I mean would it really hurt if the mantra buffs have extra range to compete with other classes? it has such a TINY radius for quickness (or protection/stab if ur HFB) compared to huge classes such as Druid and heal herald. I main HFB and I still love the class, but after experiencing heal herald (and bit of druid) having such large range without worrying “am I close enough” feels like a huge burden burden off your head. 


Meanwhile FB has a tiny cone infront that needs to be focused on to give quickness with an even tinier circle around it. I can’t be the only one bothered by this right?

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I can understand why anet is careful with buffs to firebrand. Even now when something like herald exists, people still insist on requiring firebrand as a healer especially in fractals. But herald is 600 range so I really don't see how it would be so bad for firebrand to have a 360 radius for mantras and a 600 range cone. Herald would still be better at the boons because of the passiveness of it and it being a 600 radius.

So go off OP

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Yep absolutely.

I do not understand why ANet has not done this yet. One of the reasons why Herald is so dominant is because the 600 range 360 degrees application just can't be beaten. I'd preferably see Herald's range go down to 500, but that's not gonna happen and to be honest stacking meta could use some loosening up.

I definitely don't want the cones to be removed though. Right now we have a 180 radius area of quickness application plus the 450 range of the cone that needs to be aimed. I think it would be fair with a base radius increase from 180 to 240, and a cone range increase from 450 to 500. Would make qfb feel so much better to play.

..If they revert the Unrelenting Criticism change though, cause missing out on the quickness from heal mantra because you need to run the axe trait to do dmg feels horrible as a support 💩

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