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Call of Valor priority order

Kauna Arget.7052

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Please can the priority for vigor application on warhorn 5 (call of valor) for warriors be looked at? It currently appears to be "closest to the warrior" regardless of if that person is in a party or subgroup with the warrior. Warhorn isn't a very used weapon right now, but with more support options recently being explored, it being consistent with other boon applications would be great.

We've noticed it in Harvest Temple CM runs as we run a heal alacrity bladesworn for kiting. They currently have a vindicator in their subgroup, who would really benefit from vigor application. The vindicator currently doesn't get any vigor from the bladesworn because they're stacking the closest to the boss (as they should, being dps) and the bladesworn is one of the furthest away (as they should be, being a heal kite). The vigor goes to the people closer to the bladesworn.

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