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What characters do you like role-playing most?


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Commoners with potential, of which most have a mental or physical disability they've overcome, or are working on overcoming. Often times, their biggest enemy is themselves. If they end up being powerful, it's through years of RP during which they grew, or when they somehow keep rolling high whenever I'm doing an ability check with dice.

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4 hours ago, Sickminded Freak.1809 said:

I love creating evil characters, Awakened, Branded, Demons, i even found a way to make Orcs!! (without infusions).
Bad guys and evil looks are the best if you ask me 🙂
Is there a way to send an image in these massages?

I think there is.

There is a website you can upload your pics and get the link to post in forums.

I'll post the Web address when I remember. 

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