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Mesmer sPVP Duelist Builds


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On 12/28/2023 at 12:40 PM, Javonovich.5280 said:

Hi all,

Does Mesmer have any good duelist builds right now in sPVP? I know of many sidenode options, but are there any good builds with decent staying power and damage that can handle the punishment coming from some meta classes like guards and warriors?

I mean it has to be Virtuoso since is the only elite that can survive being outnumbered. It doesn't have much mobility but that is kind of useless if you intent to defend the point.

Your best bet it take as blade renewal and psychic force and just try outlast the side node for either a plus one or to tie up 2 player.

You want to try focus on bursting players especially with a plus one since you should be able to overpowered them. 

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I don't play gw2 anymore but this build should still work wonderfully.

Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAgq7lRwAZSsLmJO8L3vKA-Dax8QKQCkpCobhgj/NAAA

Going shield means you get access to double block channels. Game changer for dueling and staying alive especially when enemy team tries to pressure you. While pvping with this build I personally never lost a 1v1 but I've also pvp'd on Mirage for years and years with one dodge so I'd like to think I know the class extremely well. Hope it helps!

Mirage is a tough class because Anet constantly dunks on it, but it is by far and away one of the most rewarding classes when you do it right imo.


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Dueling doesn’t come from using a build.   It’s more of a play style.  You want to duel, you can do it on any build/class.   Just duel more and now you’re a duelist.   Sounds stupid but someone dueling in pvp knows their build well and knows how to manage outnumbered fights.   That isn’t to say some do it better.   Just play smarter and avoid dumb fights you know you won’t win or your team won’t win.   Going down hurts your team more than you know.   So if you’re out dueling a node and your team is failing miserably you’re going to have to help and peel key targets off the map like as soon as they leave spawn.

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