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Lair of the Snowman "strike" doesn't count for Weekly Strike in Wizards Vault

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36 minutes ago, MashMash.1645 said:

As per the title.

Even though this content is listed as a strike, it doesn't count for the "Do a strike" weekly in the Wizards Vault.


I guess it's still flagged internally as a dungeon or raid or whatever, and not a strike.

It is strike little their steping stone that lead to them do strikes in the first place ( if I remember right  it was made by an intern) after that  followed forging steel, then  because of that neither of these work for weekly strike.

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its probably because it was released as a single-boss raid wing before the concept of strikes existed, and then later it was converted into the first strike mission ever. unfortunately this process likely left some things unrefined, like improperly flagging it as a modern strike mission.

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