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Freezie private bug

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A bug I noticed today when leading private freeze squad.

After enrage when me and a friend tried to solo it I was put in permanent chilled status could not clense it.

Shruged and did another run this time we did /gg since 3 late commers turned up dead on entering so all could have fun me and my friend was both permanent chilled this time.

Possible that if you die with chill it sticks to you in private squad instance.


Another thing that might not be a bug but why cant both public and private be open for new members after talking to snowman at the end to start the fight.

Would be nice to be able to look for people if a run failed instead of having to leave and restart the pre event each time.

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As I said first time me and friend tried to duo freeze it went into enrage and we died 3-4 mins into the enrage  I was the only one to be permanent chill status making outrunning snowball impossible.

Since it only happened to me we thought commander tag was to blame

We cleared it with 4 other ppl.

Second time both me and friend got perma chilled after everyone /gg 30 second into the fight because 3 out of 10 arrived after we started, we wanted all to have fun instead of laying dead the whole fight.

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  • Linken.6345 changed the title to Freezie private bug
2 hours ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

Oof, I haven't seen Secret Lair groups wipe in years. 😄

Well it do happen when you clear with 2-4 people in public and say dont talk to snowman at end becuase that locks the instance.

Ofcourse someone always do talk to the snowman and you try with how ever few people you have, from my experience less then 6 can cause wipes.

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