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Fun ways for 10 champions heads

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There is a wizard valut objective of 10 champions dead. How to do it in fun way? Like playing the game and maybe even smashing buttons?

There is a way to go to mist and spawn champion golems and autoaatack, afk, go for a walk and so on, but this does not sounds like playing especially with 10 heads.

Dungeons, especially story mode often have like 3 champions per dungeon, like catacombs, so that could be fun.

There could be a Bounty Hunting trail, this time it doesnt matter which bounty.

Dragonfall? It should have decent amount of champions, or are they elites?

Jungle Wyrm small, there are husk spawns at some point?

Maybe some hero point?

Is one of world boss/metaevent champion?


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Running with Rift Hunting group last night made for quick work on multiple fronts as we completed Weekly Rift Hunts, the Champions, the Events and the Kryptis kills from Wizard's Tasks... If you're also still grinding essences, seemed like a pretty efficient way to go, if maybe not the "fun" that you are looking for... 

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Most meta-events include multiple champions so if I want to do that objective I pick some metas I feel like doing or need to do for other reasons and play them.

Or if I'm playing WvW I'm almost guaranteed to get it because the squads I play with claim objectives, and all the Lords are champions.

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  • any "larger" meta event that spawns or contains larger groups of enemies (Leyline Anomaly, Dragon's Stand/Fall/End, North and South Drizzlewood, Marionette, and so on...)
  • events with a kind of solo or small mob to fight that scale - a few players can get to champion from what would be a veteran or maybe elite solo (e.g., Awakened Invasion, various events)
  • WvW towers
  • world bosses -- while they themselves are legendary or epic or whatever, there are champion spawns across most of them during phases
  • bounties
  • some hero challenges
  • I'd have to go checking on this, but likely story instance bosses
  • dungeon and fractal fights

That's just off the top of my head.

I have never heard of going to a golem to do this, as it is so easy to get this objective completed in normal play (unless someone is a sPvP player and doesn't do much PvE, I suppose?).

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I do "legit" content on my days off, mostly world bosses, because most of those events contain champs.  On work days when I get home at midnight-ish or so, I tend to cheese the ten with your friendly neighborhood PVP golem.

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Clearing raid wings at reset seems to get the count I guess... I don't remember keeping track of that 10 champ kill objective at all... When u done with raid clears, usually 3 or 4 objectives gets completed that u didn't even notice. U just collect those AA without even noticing it.... This might not be fun but it gets the job done... Maybe anet needs to give specific objectives for everyone exclusively... Specific list of champs across tyria

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