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PVP Rush Champion achievement not gaining points

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Okay guys, ...
something seems odd here. I am at 20/30 (20 out of 100 in total) now. Should have 25.

I talked to Zafirah (+5), played 2 matches (both won) - and it triggered the daily +5 for player kills. Not the one for the win though (achievement finished but no +10). At first match. At the 2nd match i got the achievement for playing 2 matches. But not the +5. It added +10 instead.

Maybe they have a bug. Adding the + points not tied to the achievements but something different counting in the background ... that is set to count for 2 wins daily to add the +10? (And another counter ... probably more than 2 then - for giving the +5 for matches played.)

Edit: 25 at the 3rd match (which was a loss - immediately surrendered cause of a flamer :D). Seems like the achievements trigger completion on 1 win, 2 matches played. But the +10 and +5 gets triggered on 2 wins / 3 matches played?

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I have completed another daily and I have only 20 points now instead of 40 in total (5 Entrant + 2x10 Daily Victor + 2x5 Daily Fighter + 5 Daily Contender). So it seems that only "Daily PvP Rush Victor +10" counts atm (not daily fighter, nor daily contender, nor entrant).

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Before reset: Talk to Zafirah (5), two matches (5), two wins (10), killed five ppls (5). But I was left with only twenty . . .

After reset: two matches (5), one win (10), killed five ppls (5), but I only got credit for five points, sitting on twenty-five . . .

So yeah 3/2 games/wins instead of 2/1 makes sense there . . .

EDIT: Lost third match, got five more points, so more support for 3/2 . . .

EDIT EDIT: And got fiftieth kill during second win of the day, so +20, +10 to sixty . . .

Def seems to be 3/2 not 2/1 . . .

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I am not sure about whether it "really" should be 2 wins rather than 1 and 3 matches rather than 2, because on the achievement panel it shows credit for for the daily victor, daily contender, and daily fighter without having given all points. It would be an even odder bug than usual if the achievement panel showed credit but "really" the achievement had not been done. (Also I played 3 matches today, so definitely not a consistent "daily contender is secretly 3 matches" bug.)

Anyway, the bug affects me as well: just started today, all dailies + talking to Zafirah, only 15 points instead of 25. I did not check to see at what points the credit went up.

EDIT: won another match, got the missing 10 points. It is consistent with the theory that the rush points are awarded for 2 wins rather than 1, and for 3 matches rather than 2.

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Ultimately it doesn't really matter that much I guess, if all the non-repeatable cheeves work that's 95/100 there . . .

But for me I plan to check my dailies until the points tick off, not just the cheeves . . .

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