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5+5+10=10.... outta love anet math

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So I got some progress on the PvP rush. 3 daily achievements, 1 worth 5 points, 2 worth 5 points, 3 worth 10 points... Funny enough, my total for the rush is 10 points. Or it's taking max instead of sum to make sure the high-end prizes are unabtainable?

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I had the same thing. If it fixes itself after another game... maybe I should have a third game before daily reset.

Update: Can confirm that winning another match will persuade the game to acknowledge the champion points earned. Whether a loss works remains untested.

For further troubleshooting purposes, it appears that the 'kill 5 players' daily grants points immediately. The 'win one match' and 'play two matches' dailies, however, needed an additional match before awarding points.

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5 minutes ago, arazoth.7290 said:

I see lot of people talk about dome pvp rush in daily?

I have completed it unknowningly, so can anyone tell me what exactly this is? 😅


You should have gotten mail in-game telling you about it. Basically you get bonus rewards for doing PvP this week, and increased rank and reward track progress.

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18 hours ago, Vinny.7260 said:

Wait- why does it only last a week...

I argue it should've run one week after the patch too. Just to see statistics and encourage people to get statistics.

I suspect they didn't want it running concurrently with Canthan New Year.

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