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accidental Gift of Prosperity instead of Legendary Rune :-(

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Anyone else accidentally create a Gift of Prosperity when trying to create a  legendary rune?

I had all the ingredients in my inventory, including the Gift of Runes. However I also had some clovers in my inventory from earlier creating the Gift of Runes. One misclick and suddenly i have an unexpected (and very expensive) mistake in  my inventory. :-(.

Normally i would just grumble and try to suck it up...but ouch! I have played for >20k hours across several accounts, and have no plans to ever raid (due to a variety of reasons), so something to leave in the bank and remember that time i threw away 50 provisioner tokens, 15 clovers, 1 gift of condensed magic, and 1 might. Luckily I still have the Gift of Runes, so time to go farm more mats and provisioner tokens.


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Customer service may be willing to help you with this if you submit a ticket. Since it's just an item, if you're polite they may let you delete the item and then refund you the raw materials. Worth a shot at least while you work on farming the materials again 

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I think I did that exact thing a few years ago, I know that I was trying to make one item for a legendary and made something else.  I sent a ticket and it got sorted out.  It did take a little back and forth as they needed to see that I had deleted the item before replacing it, but it was not a difficult process.  I would say that give them some time to respond, the odds are you are not the only person who has done this in the last day or so, they might be bit swamped.

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