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Forced To Wipe [FTW] is an improvement oriented PvE guild, for new and old players alike. We want to focus on raids, fractals, and strikes. Both normal mode and CMs. If you are looking for a place with like minded people interested in self improvement, this is the place for you. Any experience level is also welcome! As far as goals go. As a guild leader my personal goal is to get people interested in the higher end of GW2 PvE such as speedclears of cms and the like. (EX: sub 3 hour raid full clears, or sub 1 hour fractal cm clears). If this is something that you think you would want to work towards, please, reach out.

If you aren't directly interested in self improvement, and helping others improve, this honestly probably isn't the guild for you. On that note though, we offer a lot more than just PvE improvement. As far as guild content goes, we plan to host events of some sort of another on a monthly basis, just to hang out with each other and have a good time. Other things we offer include 1on1 training sessions for individual classes, healing guides, etc. We also have guides for strike encounters, and are actively working on pve guides for raids and fractals as well.

If you are interested, or have any questions feel free to reach out ingame to Captain Bofa.5981, or on discord to captainbofa

Looking forward to seeing you around! 🙂

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Major refocus on guild direction.
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  • Captain Bofa.5981 changed the title to [NA] [GOLD] [PvE] I Farm Gold is recruiting players new and old alike!

An update for any people that are interested in strikes: We have released comprehensive guides on all of the 5 main IBS strikes within our discord. (From the perspective of someone that pugs a lot and has speedkill experience on all 5 of these strikes. Even if you know the fight you may well learn something new. Hope to see you soon!

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  • Captain Bofa.5981 changed the title to [NA] [FTW] [PvE] Forced To Wipe is recruiting players new and old alike!

I may be interested in joining.  is there a particular server you call home?  I'm a newbro who recently started playing about a month ago. and I also suffer from Altitis.  I have 5 characters ranging from lvl 36 to 15.  I haven't picked a class I liked yet.  I don't want to make things uncomfortable for myself or anyone else, but I am a part of the LGBT+ community.  I want to get that out into the open.

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