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I like that Navan is present at the Lunar New Year.


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12 hours ago, Konig Des Todes.2086 said:

I agree, though it's a bit weird she appears even for accounts without EoD, or characters who hadn't done it, and has the same dialogue for all.

Unlike the IBS-related NPCs added to Dragon Bash and Festival of the Four Winds, which only appear for players who had completed the season.

That is interesting, and must be confusing lol. 

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Well ... in the Festival of the Four Winds stuff regarding Aurene is mentioned I think. (On some memorial thing with some text.) Even when players are still have not played the later stuff. and are still early in the game. Probably would have been too much work to adapt this to every possible situation. Though it really is inconsistent. Especially for older content they used to take a lot into account.

But nowadays players can have played expansions in them mid of the chronological order while not having played earlier stuff.

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