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New weapon Idea/Request


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Engineers only have 2 off hand weapons, a pistol and a shield.

I propose a sort of stun weapon.

Maybe a dagger or a mace?

This could also come with a new skin that resembles a device/gadget that causes stun.


A red or green glowstick.

Like a mini light saber.


An electrical melee weapon that can be used as a flare/glowstick and stun.


4. Flashbang (Ignite Flare)

Create a flashbang that blinds foes around you for 3 seconds.

This skill then becomes "Flare", which you can use to throw a flare, inflicting further blind, and burn in foes that it hits.

5. Stun

Strike foes near you, causing stun for 3 seconds and discharging an electrical current that interrupts actions for a further 3 seconds.


This would be a fantastic adition to engineers, which lack of off-hand weapon options.


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