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Make the Scaled Dragon Wings Backpack Dyable, please.

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I know it's unlikely Anet will go back to touch these glider/backpack combos, but I gotta ask anyway.

Please make them dyable! They're one of the few items I've spent real money on in this game and I use the glider on basically all my characters. I don't use the backpack because I can dye it and it has a really obvious cream color for the under-membrane 😞

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Almost same issue with the Bat wing glider/backpack.

The sad thing is that the glider does have 2 fields for dye, but they have no effect on the skin.

The default skins is good enough though, I wear it with the dragon head.

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That's why I didn't buy it. I'd definitely want to use the backpack and the glider together and while I know I could just not dye the glider that seems disappointing. (Especially because I'd previewed the glider first and was already thinking about how I'd dye it when I realised the backpack isn't dyable.)

I understand why they didn't go back and make all the older backpacks dyable, but now it's possible for some of them it seems a shame that we still get new ones which can't be dyed.

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